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All volunteers wishing to participate in the operations of KRUU – whether on or off the air –should understand the principles, philosophies, policies, and governance structures that underpin the entire organization. This information is contained in the Volunteer Handbook, which is available to all interested persons according to their areas of interest of involvement. As a volunteer-operated organization, KRUU relies on the passion, responsibility, and personal initiative of members like you. We thank you for sharing your time.

On-air volunteers should be aware of the general guiding principles of KRUU, as well as the duties and responsibilities specific to on-air operations. Certain FCC regulations and station policies apply only to broadcast operations and must be adhered to at all times; therefore, on-air volunteers have duties and responsibilities above and beyond other volunteer staff. All Programmers must have completed the required training in production or on-air work, and be approved by the station management.

  1. I, ____________________________________ (name), the undersigned volunteer for KRUU, have read KRUU’s Volunteer Handbook, fully understand the duties and responsibilities required by being a Programmer for the KRUU volunteer staff and agree to comply with all policies and guidelines presented therein.
  2. I understand that my work will be reviewed from time to time by the Station Manager and Programming Committee.
  3. At any time, with two weeks’ notice, I am entitled to a review session with the Station Manager

and any other appropriate individuals. The purpose of such a session would be: (a) to obtain helpful and constructive feedback on my work as a volunteer, and (b) make me aware of any serious concerns held by staff, management or other volunteers regarding my volunteer activities.

  1. I agree to obtain permission from the Board of Directors before acting as a spokesperson or agent for KRUU, and before using KRUU’s name in association with any public event or activity.
  2. I agree not to be impaired by alcohol or controlled substances while performing volunteer activities for KRUU.


Telephone: ___________________________ Alternate phone: ___________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ Email: __________________________________________________________
Signed: __________________________________________ __________________

Volunteer or Parent/Legal Guardian Date

(if Volunteer is under 18 years of age)

Name: ___________________________________________ I, the undersigned, believe that the above-signed Programmer possesses the full understanding and capabilities necessary to perform the functions of a volunteer Programmer at KRUU.

__________________________________________ __________________ Station Manager Date

KRUU document edited 09/28/08