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Questions for Consideration

HIV AIDS Treatment Literacy

Day 1

  • How can we move forward on this straw dog "project" using 'HIV AIDS Treatment Literacy' as an example topic?
  • Can you chart / map the process steps? From your perspective, what would this look like? Is there a consensus, or the makings of one?
  • Who are the learners?
    • What is the grade level for the course, and the learner's level? (i.e., keeping in mind Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning
  • Who are the other stakeholders who need to be involved? Why?
    • What do they need?
  • What topics need to be covered?
  • What is the cultural context?

Day 2

  • What are you expecting from your learners? What do you want them to do with this learning?
  • How can we ensure that the course is designed and adapted to:
    • local considerations and cultural context? (i.e., includes content, visuals and course activities)
    • appropriate pedagogy and ODL principles? (i.e., Commonwealth of Learning)

Day 3

  • How would you share this info with your stakeholders, funders, resource providers, network?
  • Talk about logistics, promotion, reporting, communication, approvals, etc.