Agenda - 1st Meeting

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Note: Sub-page for the New Business created here. Original content copied over from this version of the page so as to improve structure and facilitate drafting of the agenda

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The following documentation is provided in preparation for the meeting:

New Business

  1. Discussion of WikiEducator's needs during this phase of our development
    2. Discussion of the next phase of WE implementation - WikiEducator 3.0
  2. Appoint a working group to start drafting a governance manual
    1. Target tabling of the first draft for the inaugural AGM?
    2. Should the governance manual include role descriptions and responsibilities -- or do we need separate job descriptions? (Idea posted by Randy)
  3. Discussion about personal vs. community objectives, communications, clarification of interests and priorities ..valerie
  4. Discussion about Code of Conduct (which may include the bullet point below) --Randy Fisher 01:53, 10 October 2008 (UTC)
    1. Discussion about the removal procedure (The Draft Policy says "if any" so discussion based on whether we need this procedure)
    2. Target tabling of the first draft for the inaugural AGM?
  5. Resolutions on Nominated members
    1. Reviewing proposals received prior to the meeting
    2. Additional proposals to be tabled at the meeting
    3. Voting and resolutions for nominated members
  6. Determination of the date for inaugural AGM -- implications for terms of office
  7. Additional items from the floor, if any