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BCGBC4008A Conduct on-site supervision of the building and construction project

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The table below is an extract from the BSB07 Training Package Vol 2, pages 2057-2058.

For a complete copy of the training package visit NTIS.

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Element Performance criteria

1. Supervise the administration of claims and payment processes

1.1 Contract payments are made in accordance with the contract allowance or orders

1.2 Drawings against allowances are carried out in accordance with organisation policy or procedures

1.3 Variations to contracts are authorised and corrective action taken where necessary

1.4 Back-charges are applied in accordance with policy guidelines

1.5 Payment of invoices for material supply is authorised

1.6 Insurance claims for site loss or damage are completed and processed

1.7 Administrative processes are conducted and supervised with reference to relevant regulatory and organisationalrequirements

2. Supervise and maintain onsite communications

2.1 A Diary of on-site communication and events is maintained, including communications with clients,contractors, inspections, union matters and suppliers

2.2 File notes detailing specific instructions are prepared and issued

2.3 Site reports detailing specific supervisory inspections are prepared and kept

2.4 Variation requests or requirements are communicated to the appropriate person

2.5 Requests for extensions of time are communicated to the appropriate person

2.6 Notice of unsatisfactory work is communicated in writing to the appropriate individual(s)

2.7 Administrative processes are conducted and supervised with reference to relevant regulatory and organisational requirements

3. Ensure management of and compliance with quality control procedures

3.1 The relevant quality control procedures are identified

3.2 Site checklists detailing specific items to be inspected at appropriate stages are utilised and completed

3.3 Industry and organisational quality manuals (quality control) or procedures are used in managing the quality process

3.4 Local Authority inspections are arranged

3.5 Quality requirements (quality control) are communicated to on-site personnel and building work is assessed against construction standards

3.6 Processes are put in place to supervise on-site work to ensure the performance of work to industry, regulatory and contractual standards

3.7 Contractual quality (quality control) standards are met

4. Complete project administration processes

4.1 The project administration processes and preparation for practical completion are carried out in accordance with the contract requirements and company policy

4.2 The practical completion inspection procedure is identified, communicated to the client and applied on-site

4.3 Hand-over procedures are identified and carried out in accordance with organisational policy

4.4 Certificates and appropriate client information are provided at handover, including termite protection and appliance warranties

4.5 Defects liability items are obtained from clients

4.6 Defects are rectified and client sign-off is obtained

4.7 Administrative processes are conducted and supervised with reference to relevant regulatory and organisational requirements

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Overview of assessment
  • This unit of competency can be assessed by the supervision of administrative processes relating to construction projects such as, administration payments, on-site supervision processes, quality control procedures and all forms of administrative record keeping.

Evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Competency in this unit can be demonstrated by providing evidence of:

  • Administrative processes dealing with; contract payments, drawing against allowances, variation claims, payment of invoices for materials received, back-charge claims, insurance claims for site loss or damages.
  • On-site communication systems dealing with; on-site communication between relevant parties on the project, file notes and on-site instruction documentation, record keeping procedures of site reports, requests for variations and extensions of time.
  • Monitoring on-site quality processes; preparation of site checklists, implementing quality control procedures and following quality manuals, communication procedures dealing with unsatisfactory work, procedural steps in maintaining local authority inspections.
  • Project administration processes dealing with; preparation for practical completion, hand-over procedures and the preparation and collection of all relevant certificates, client information for hand-over, preparatory documentation relating to defects and the rectification of defects and obtaining client sign-off. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

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