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Minutes of inaugural Blueskin Bay FM meeting, at the Studio, 25 November 2009.

Present: Brent Bell, Nathanm Parker, Peter Dowden, Lindsay Dowden-Mackay, Trevor Norton, Rozi Macrae, Rex MacRae, Mike McAlevey, Lawrence McCraw, Peter Appleby, Susie Newlands, Finley Horsefield.



Brent welcomed everyone to the meeting, our station's first. We have received $1000 from the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board. Brent will send a thank-you letter, and a letter to ODT about our 88.2 frequency (not 88.7). Received donation of a receipt book (Brent) and a pile of electronic gear from Prof Dick Dowden. Uninterruptable power supply from Rex MacRae. Warrington School has donated three computers.


Louise Booth, Sandra Muller


Logo competition is underway. PO Box 88 set up at Waitati. Moved to have meetings and organisation records open to the public. (peter D/Brent). Moved that annual subs be $10 for a person, family or group (Susie/Finley). Moved (Peter/Brent) that we remain as an unincorporated group, to be reviewed in six months.


Moved that we use Kiwibank, with Nathan, Brent and Susie as signitories. (Brent/Peter D). Louise to have receipt book at the Library for subs/donations.


we still need cd players, amp with built-in am-fm tuner. Notice at shop and school newsletters requesting donated gear (Nathan and Brent to do) Moved (Lawrence/Trevor) that we pay Charlie Fraser in advance for constructing transmitter (pending arrival of DCC cheque). Reception issues and fine-tuning to be delegated to our Transmission Committee, Mike and Rex. Moved we buy 2 new CD players (Brent/Trevor). Lawrence to knock up a 'hybrid' (talk-back) phone.


Agreed not to be a "commercial" type station but to accept sponsorship.

Next meeting

Wednesday 9 December, 7pm at the Studio.

Meeting closed at 9.50pm.