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One of the most valuable resource available to students is people. Capitablize on this valuable resource by interacting with faculty, advisors, counselors, mentors, classmates and family members.

It is important to form a support group that will assist you in developing skills necessary to build your performance within each course. Your study group for math might not be the same for English for example; so it is important to have several groups that will serve their individual purpose.

  • It is always good to include the lecturer and your advisor as key members of your support group along with dedicated classmates. A lecturer and an advisor can provide you with concrete information pertaining to the course and also recommend other lecturers that are versed in the course.
  • Select classmates that are hardworking and are highly motivated in achieving success in college.
  • Mentors can be a friend who monitors your progress and keeps you motivated throughout you academic career ensuring that you are investing sufficient time to meet your desired goals. A mentor can also be a parent, an older brother or sister or a sponsor.
  • The office of student affairs sometimes have student mentors or guides who are work scholars who can assist students. It is advisable to check with student affairs to find out what services are available to you in the event that you might need additional assistance.
  • It is better for you to find help rather than sit there and fail. A successful student ensures that they find the necessary help in order to cenceptualize information required in achieving their goals.