Assess systems, resources and practices for social, ecological and economic sustainability/Are food prices on the way up?

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Use economic indicators to, reports and analysis to determin resource availability and sustainable provision


"The Westpac-National Farmers' Federation Commodity Index, released today, revealed big global price rises last month in wheat, sugar, canola and barley.

According to the index, global prices for wheat rose by 14.9 per cent in December, while sugar went up 8.7 per cent and barley 6.1 per cent.

Australian Food and Grocery Council chief executive Dick Wells said continued global price increases in grains would lead to higher food costs to families.

"The flow-on is there, there's no doubt about it," Mr Wells said.

"If (commodity prices) continue to rise, we will see increases in the long-term.",25197,23125901-12377,00.html

What impact do you think inflation on food and fuel will have on Australian Tourism and Hospitality service industries? Can anything be done to mitigate the impact by educators?

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