Ancient Australia

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Introduction to Ancient Australia

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I hope you start your walk about tour with the Bradshaw paintings. You might wonder why and just wait until you actually see the paintings. You have to be able to imagine your self living in wild craggy mountains where there are thousands of caves. We have the work done in some of the caves because of Mr. Bradshaw who discovered this cave. Dating of the work is difficult because the paintings have fused to the walls and appear to be like glass. This prevents DNA testing. So they are either 70,000 years or 50,000 years old give or take a few thousand years.

The first paintings come from a cave which was made up of stone with amazing colors. This provided the artists with pigments that are unique.

With this in mind these are the first paintings done by man that we know about. I hope you find them as amazing as I do.

Katherine Bolman, BS, MFA, MEd, MSW, EdD.,PhD