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Tim Cook: Impact Project Cluster 2 Leader

Writers group

Last year the writers group supported and coached each other to challenge and improve their individual writing styles. This year the group further refined their craft. The enthusiastic leadership and organisation of Kathleen Mitchell and Victoria Pickhave seen their group produce a novel called ROFL. This features the first chapter of each of their future novels. The novel is available for everyone to read in the school library.

Young Designers Newmarket

From producing a visual diary full of research and contemporary designs, to being selected as a finalist in Young Designers Newmarket, Ashley Herbert has learnt how to draft a pattern and test her sewing skills with difficult to work materials. Her work has been displayed in the Rialto Newmarket and on the catwalk modelled by herself. This journey has fuelled her desire to enter the fashion industry. We are proud of how she represented herself and the school.


Julia Shasha, Olivia Cato and Daniel McClay, each have a passion for adornment however different. They visited galleries and the museum for inspiration. Soon they were setting up a studio, and learning the skills needed in jewellery making. These students exhibited their pieces at Walker & Hall in Albany Mall (organised and installed by Dan McClay).

Trebuchet - Double the Impact

Daniel Van Der Westhausen, Clark Grieve and Josh Ward recreated the trebuchet originally built by Archimedes for the defence of Syracuse against the invading Roman armies. They worked together as a team to identify the key design features of the trebuchet and find the simplest solutions they could to the engineering problems. Maths and physics teachers will be able to use their trebuchet to illustrate important concepts in a practical and fun way. Theirs is a project that will contribute to our learning community for years to come.