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Java Bently gained work experience at the Mairangi Arts Centre. Through her placement she assisted the set up, design, and marketing for exhibitions at the centre. Her experience has reinforced her dream of being an Art Curator, and she has been offered part time work with the centre.

Sarah Osborne was able to explore teaching at Sunnybrae Normal Primary. She was welcomed by the school and given responsibility to run her own learning groups in the classroom. The staff and children at the school loved having her and she has been invited back after exams, to finish the year with her class.

Nicholas Simpson was very interested in finding out more about architecture through his placement with Jasmax, who are the fantastic architects that designed our school. Nick was able visit and discuss plans for the new Ormiston School and attend seminars at The University of Auckland. His supervisor remarked at how impressed he was with Nick and hoped that would apply for a summer internship when in year 13.

Emma O'Flynn has a passion for animals and wants to train as a vet. Her placement at Albany Veterinary Clinic was for the entire year and Emma was able to observe and even assist with some medical procedures. She completed a National Certificate of Animal Companionship, a tertiary course giving her a head start when applying to attend Massey University Vet School.