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hi my name is Anthony Brown my major is history with an emphasis in slavery

Some of my role models in the field

Kenneth Stamp and Chiek Anta Diop Kenneth Stamp is from the revisionist school his magnum opus The Particular Institution focused on the cruelty of the institution Chiek Anta Diop was an Egyptologist his magnum opus African History Myth or reality focused on the black African presence in ancient Egypt. He use d his first field physics and linguistics to support his claim of an African presence in ancient Egypt. I thought that his work was ambitious and radical for its time.

Presently I am interested in the study of myth I am currently working on a book project that highlight the works of Joseph Campbell, Julian Jaynes and Ricard Dawkins the premise of these works question the weather the nature of god is relative truth

I would enjoy any comments in reference to my current reserch thank you A. Brown