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Tentative ideas for actions

Opportunities group

MOOC focus - Niche MOOCs for Malaysia

  • Join OCW upload content
  • Human capital development - promotion, training and buy-in from top management
  • Market analysis for high demand courses
  • Identify funding agency for research and development in MOOCs
  • Cost reduction strategies (Curriculum amendments, scaling up.)

Barriers group

  • Building open infrastructure - OSS, Money?
  • Capability for collaboration - Start with Common ideas / common ground within Asia
  • Recognition, rewards and incentives
  • Accreditation - challenges with online only / blended learning?

Policy group

  • National / institutional policy review (DEPAN, e-learning policy and other relevant policies)
  • Establish committee / panel of reviewers for quality / accreditation/ student learning time.
  • Practical training


AKEPT Copyright workshop

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