5. Structure and name of LEF Aotearoa

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LEF in Aotearoa has emerged as a result of the international network that has been established through SCANZ. Nina Czegledy, an ISEA and LEF board member has attended SCANZ twice now and at SCANZ 2009, formalised the intention to have an LEF representative in Aotearoa. Czegeldy is internationalising LEF at the request of Roger Malina. Ian Clothier was selected as Aotearoa representative, and is currently working with Su Ballard and Trudy Lane on the forum. The representative status is only a matter of reporting, and minimises contact lines. Reporting on LEF Aotearoa will occur during ISEA 2009 and at re:live in Melbourne in November.

What structure is thought suitable to LEF? Please post discussion on this wiki.

Also, what is your feedback on the acronym being LEAF - Leonardo Education Aotearoa Forum?