1.2 Types of stress

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  Acute stress
     Acute stress is usually for short time and may be due to work pressure, meeting deadlines pressure or minor accident, over exertion, increased physical activity, searching something but you misplaced it, or similar things.
     Symptoms of this type of tension are headaches, back pain, stomach problems, rapid heartbeat, muscle aches or body pain.
   Acute Stress
     Acute stress is common in people who take too many responsibilities and are overloaded or overworked, disorganized, always in a hurry and never in time. These people are generally in positions of importance at their workplace and stressful lifestyle is inherent in them.
     Symptoms of this type of stress are prolonged tension headaches, hypertension, migraines, chest pain and heart disease.
   Chronic Stress
     This type of stress is the most serious of all the 3 stress types. Chronic stress is a prolonged stress that exists for weeks, months, or even years. This stress is due to poverty, broken or stressed families and marriages, chronic illness and successive failures in life. People suffering from this type of stress get used to it and may even not realize that they are under chronic stress. It is very harmful to their health.