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The Commonwealth of Learning is receiving a growing number of requests from member countries for help and support in professional development for eLearning, especially for new Moodle users. Many education institutions do not have adequate staff and/or financial resources to provide the levels of support required for professional development in this area. Moreover, experience suggests that professional development support is more effective when training is provided "just-in-time" in the context of real work situations.

Therefore, the collaborative development of self-study materials on WikiEducator that can be reused, modified and adapted without restriction could make a valuable contribution to the quality of eLearning around the world among institutions using Moodle as their enterprise learning management system. Working together we can achieve far more than working alone.

Aim of this bounty

The aim of this bounty is to:

Statement of work

  1. Conduct a web search to compile a list of both tertiary and secondary level education institutions in Commonwealth countries that are using the Moodle LMS;
    • The list must be published as a series of tables in WikiEducator including columns for Country, Name of institution, education level, and contact email address where possible;
    • Separate tables for each region of the Commonwealth;
  2. Design the questions for a short online survey to assist with the planning of the next phase. The suggested questions must be posted on WikiEducator to encourage community participation in refinements and improvements. COL will provide the technology to administer the online survey and will upload the questions for collecting the data. The survey must be short and focused, collecting only relevant information for this project. For example:
    • objective item questions which track relevant demographic information and interest in the project, for instance: Would you be able to assist in developing free content resources - Yes/No; or If you have developed your own training materials, would you be prepared to release these under a CC-BY-SA license;
    • one or two open-ended questions, for example: Can you provide a brief description of how you currently provide training support for Moodle.
  3. Conduct a web search and compile a list of existing support materials that are available under a free content license (that is: GNU(FDL); CC-BY; or CC-BY-SA).
  4. On completion of the bounty, suggest a list of recommendations on WikiEducator for the next steps.

Person specification

We are looking for an individual that:

Bounty details

Useful links

Next steps

If you are interested in assisting COL with this bounty, you should:

  1. Read the standard bounty contest rules on the WikiEducator Bounty page;
  2. Read through the requirements of this bounty
  3. Based on the person specification above, justify why you believe you are the best candidate(s) to take up the bounty. Remember to include full contact details in your submission which you should submit as a reply under this thread



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