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Exercise 1.2.2

1. Check whether your Interpretation Act contains equivalent provisions to the sections of the model Interpretation Act 1992 listed below.

2. Write down, in the spaces provided, the ways in which you can give effect to provisions in the listed sections when you are drafting.

If there is no equivalent in your Act, apply the section of the model Act in the Resource Materials.

s.16(1) (References to amended legislation):

s.16(2) (References to portions of written laws):

s.16(6) (References to subsidiary legislation):

s.20 (Law always speaking):

s.21(1) (Application of interpretation rules):

s.21(2) (Construction of interpretation provisions):

s.22 (Corresponding meanings of parts of speech):

s.23(1) (Rules as to gender):

s.23(2) (Rules as to number):

s.24 ("Shall" and "may"):