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FROM:Director ___________________

Department of Youth Wilson Mbongwe


TEL NO:3909222


TO:Regional Youth Officer


(Attn: W.C. Fani)

REF NO:DOY 6/10/22 I (31) 04 February 2011


The above captioned issue refers.

Perhaps it is worth highlighting from the onset that most of queries that young people refer to Head Office are mainly attributable to inappropriate service they receive from our district offices than their displeasure with conclusions / decisions made by adjudication committees.

We cannot expect our clients to agree with us all the time but rather what is important is how accommodative are we to a different view and how willing we are to listen and incorporate suggestions into the solutions we offer. It is also worth highlighting that when Head Office intervenes, it is in the spirit of encouraging productive engagement between officers and clients. Intervention from Head Office should not be misconstrued as interference with decision process of the extension officers, but rather an opportunity to align decisions to the guidance offered.

From the conversation I had with your office, the Serowe District Youth office and Tshepang Motengwera I am convinced to say that Tshepang’s application was handled in a manner that contravenes YDF application assessment processes and as such she has a strong case against the decision taken to reject the proposal. (The major mistake was poor application screening). So my advice is that your office should reverse the decision taken and consider funding the young person. You should also take into consideration the fact that this issue has been with your office for almost a year now.

Nevertheless you are advised to submit a comprehensive report on subject matter to head office before Friday 08 February, 2011,

Thank You.