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1.Oral method: The oral method has always helped teachers to communicate with their students. This verbal aspect has also played a role as memory aids, where they served as clues during the process of retrieval of relevant information. Students’ oral skills are also improved by hearing how to pronounce specific words several times.

2.Audio use: Visual communication is very important for students because this has helped them remember what they are actually learning in a better way. Even when they will try to recollect these information, an clue from what they have seen will impinge on their working memory and the information will just come like a smooth flow.

3.Off classes activities: As in my case, I work with Prevocational students, and they have a lot lower intellectual level than other students. I mean to say that, their capacity to memorize is low and we need to explain things as if they are related to the environment surrounding them. Bringing them outside classes, for example for the Basic Science class, we can continue our explanation by observing the environment around us, so that students will feel less bored and more in the setting of the topics concerned.

4.Additional activities: Activities such as guessing through actions and no words being pronounced, help students to form sentences in such a way that improves their ways of expressing themselves in the required language. At the same time, it breaks the conventional type of doing classes where students are most of the time passive individuals. This time, they tend to be more active and even shy ones will not hesitate to express themselves.

5.Symbols: Visual communication does not only involve audio use but also symbols written on the whiteboard. By writing necessary information, students writing skills are improved.

6.Reading: Reading story books not only improve knowledge, but also how to write words properly. Their world of vocabulary is enhanced. Furthermore, they will also excel in writing stories, and know how to proceed with the flow of information and combine them in such a way that the outcome is a comprehensible story, thus their story writing skills are also improved.