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terra incognita - here be dragons... Y2016 * Y2015 * Y2014 * Y2013 * Y2012 * Y2011 and earlier * User manual * DAKI – drop, add, keep, improve

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  • "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" --Walt Disney
  • "Be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Gandhi
  • You only need one person to believe in you to succeed. It's a lot easier if that person is you. *

2018.9 * morning challenge * why - don't really need anything but seems like a good time to have some guided thinking. curious to see what this is *

2018.6.20 * An Introduction to Recreational Math Weizmann Institute of Science - One of the things I love about Sudokus, probably (IMHO) the key for the great success, is that as puzzles these are almost self-explanatory by themselves in rules. And people feels so fast improving their proficiency with a little practise. LOW LEARNING CURVE but PROGRESSIVE MASTERING CURVE... this is something that all game designers are looking for their new prototypes. Almost a dream of perfect design.

2018.4.18 important interesting big glx ewb e4k e3 collaboration k-5 k-3 curiosity notice observation listening questioning * water, basic education, life skills - maintain water electricity EWB * glx k-3 online learning literacies

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2018.4 connections to combat loneliness bbc world service

2017.7 To attract more students to STEM, highlight communal aspects of STEM careers intimacy, affiliation, and altruism, also known as communal opportunities, or power, achievement and excitement, known as agentic opportunities. communal - working with/helping/relationships with others

2017.7 EWB Volunteer Project Grant Reviewer * I am new to EWB and very interest in the work being done. Though not a graduate engineer, I am an active professional member of the Society of Women Engineers. My undergrad degree is in Food Chemistry and Masters is in Education specializing in Online Teaching and Learning. My professional experience is in Information Technology. I also teach college level CIS courses. I have firsthand project experience on a wide range of IT project. I have grant writing experience as well as experience selecting grantees for funding. Most of my international travel experience has been personal. As a Project Grant Reviewer, I bring a broad range of project and grant funding experience. I am comfortable working virtually on projects with structures and deadlines. I enjoy a challenge and would very much like to make a contribution to the important work of Engineers Without Borders.

2017.6 * ma jong * pickle ball * yoga * moas * frc orlando * museums mooc * thermo mooc * youth social action mooc * cis89a

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2017 - Yes, and...


  • Online Course Design Guide aligning course design in Canvas to the Online Education Initiative's Course Design Rubric

2017.5 * effective teacher mooc

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  • FRC Orlando 20th

  • 2017.4 * designing your life * be curious * try stuff - bias to action * reframe problems * know it's a process - awareness * ask for help - radical collaboration * compass
  • 2017 * 2.20 "gov" + media vs pres / people * 1.25 choice healthcare aid * immigration * supreme court appointee * infrastructure * science research

  • dave and karen - winter 2017-2018 Omaka, Marlborough, New Zealand
  • Praise what matters. Share the process and the product. Tell stories about the innovative work that is happening in our schools. * Albert Bandura’s social-cognitive learning theory - Bandura’s theory noted that our behavior is changed when we see a person take a specific action and be rewarded for that action. In the future, we are more likely to take that same action. This is vicarious learning in which we learn through imitation rather than through direct reinforcement.
  • DAKI – drop, add, keep, improve
  • 2017.2.20 - burns accreditation community interview
  • 2017.2.19 - Jennifer Abrams - teacher coach. Gunn English teacher. author, speaker * learn forward. the answer to how is yes. leadership = adult education. hard conversations - outcome map, wonder woman as prep, what do you want from me. ? what would you like me to do? * thinking collaboratively * Farnham street blog * Humane. growth- producing. Advice. Critique. Helpful. * Here is what we like. Actionable. Other centric. Focused. Ali centric. Effective. * Tell me so I can hear. Empowering others. * Hard conversations. Planning. Learn more. Outcome Map. What more can come out. What do you want me to do about. * Amy cudney. Wonder women. Ted talk. Credible.
  • 2017.2.18 SWE SC IGEW 300 girls 3-6 grade + 150 volunteers * youth / adult large * volunteer sign-up closed
  • 2017.2.17 - cis77 learning literacy course info > mary. export moodle > canvas sandbox
  • 2017.2.17 - daytona speedway
  • 2017.1.26 - FETC Orlando Canvas * flipgrid - steam * * brainly - students ask / answer questions * p BrickPi[ - raspberry Pi + LEGO *

  • 2017.1.23 - - (22) good stuff (17) * method - kids to learn to take responsibility for their learning * AMP autonomy mastery purpose * interests & dreams love to read books / level critical thinking move to next grade level * interview podcast -, and inventor of the I‑o method—Robert J. Caveney. Join Robert and Dave for a discussion of Robert’s books, “SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive” and the forthcoming “Methods for Working Together”, and explore the importance of changing the method to create effective change in the world of K12 education.

applicable to education reform, lifelong learning, self-directed learning - glxdev solveit lifeskill 2017.1.22

  • conversations for action < Lorena Barba - Flores Wintograd. * Fernando Flores - will assess you. He may make an offer, which you are free to accept or decline. If you accept, he will make a commitment to fulfill his promise. These simple words, or “speech acts,” form the vocabulary of a set of practices. By training people to consciously use words to articulate commitments and invoke better coordination, corporate leaders can reduce the misunderstandings and missteps that prevent so many corporations — and governments, for that matter — from realizing their potential.
  • “conversation for action” or a “conversation for possibilities,” depending on the intent. method based on five basic speech acts: declaring, offering (and accepting offers), making requests and promises, asserting, and assessing.
  • In organizations accustomed to what he calls the “cordial hypocrisy” of corporate life, this approach to assessment is transformative in itself. It replaces misunderstandings and resentment with trust, and it measurably improves team performance.
  • Lorena Barba - open education. open source development, github

  • 2017.1.11 speedway

  • culture - based on Netflix * freedom & responsibility * behaviors and skills we value
  • 10 Habits Worth Starting in the Classroom 10. Reflect - We all need to reflect more. It is one of the most powerful learning tools, to self-assess and reflect on what we’ve learned, done, and need to do. Have students reflect multiple times a day, and keep it short at first. This time of “taking a moment” will revitalize their minds and keep a daily practice of thinking about thinking.

  • 2017.1.3 - Hussman - internals, ‘leadership’ typically refers to the number of stocks achieving new highs and new lows; ‘breadth’ typically refers to the number of stocks advancing versus declining in a given day or week; and ‘participation’ typically refers to the percentage of stocks that are advancing or declining in tandem with the major indices. Hindenburg ‘Omens’ in their commonly presented form (NYSE new highs and new lows both greater than 2.5% of issues traded). From present valuation extremes, we expect 12-year S&P 500 total returns averaging just 0.8% annually, with a likely interim market collapse over the completion of this cycle on the order of 50-60%. Valuations are poor tools to gauge near-term market outcomes, but they are both invaluable and brutally honest about potential consequences over the complete market cycle. They also offer a consistent framework to understand market fluctuations. market conditions don’t forecast or require a near-term market collapse. Rather, they are currently permissive of a market collapse, and on average, market returns under such conditions have historically been quite negative until those conditions have cleared.

  • Your results for the Holland Code Quiz are as follows: Realistic: 8 * Investigative: 11 highest * Artistic: 4 lowest * Social: 9 * Enterprising: 5 * Conventional: 4 lowest * Your Holland Codes are as follows: ISR

2017 * Habits of Happy People * teach others * learn new skills * stay optimistic * show gratitude * pay it forward * no entitlement * laugh more * NLQ - Notice Listen Question * That's funny... amusing, lol, smile

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