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John Seely Brown describes mobile devices as "curiosity amplifiers"

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library iPads

  • projects for grades 3-4
  • pictures > observations
  • writing
  • hour of code, scratch - flash
  • homework - technology to produce
  • practice - math games
  • personal dashboard, tracking progress
  • gamification
  • Kahn Academy - exploration, enrichment

after-school / byo

  • country fair projects * pictures, descriptions > blog, site * projects
  • phones, tablets ? 1/ 4 * apps - math games ? get more - free, purchase

BYO... basics

Bring Your Own... Technology (BYOT), Device (BYOD)

School provides WiFi. Students may use their smartphones or tablets. The general idea is the same and usually works as one of these...
  • school determines what technology - devices, apps
  • student and/or family decides, provides, pays for, installs, maintains, replaces,...

Basic functions

  • documents - new, save, reopen, edit, delete
  • save work to a USB drive
  • upload an assignment file to designated web location
  • create an account for a web service
  • participate in an online discussion
  • searching - Google, other search engines, repositories
  • validating sources

There's an app for that

  • apps - locate, buy, install, update, launch, close


FAQs Teachers 
  • 2014.09 - get their own? training - care and feeding, pedagogy, class management apps, requesting apps, tech support, best practices, lesson plans, basic functionality - iPads for Dummies

FAQs Kids

  • 2014.09 - contracts, care and feeding, take home, what they already know, byo vs school ipads - apps, access, use

FAQs Media center

  • 2014.09 - handling, use, additional resources for use in media center, middle school bring own in, other classes, individual kids

FAQs Tech support

  • 2014.09 - contracts, repair, loss, process for reimage, apps - add, remove, free, purchase, teacher training, support


  • Let the Tools Become the Box - John Seely Brown describes mobile devices as "curiosity amplifiers." Given the potential for creation and exploration, these technologies provide students with a platform for exploration and knowledge construction. The challenge is to seek out the empty and timeless tools, to find the apps that give students the most options for how they demonstrate their learning. In other words, we need to let the tools become the box.

  • ipads minis - middle school, library, basic apps, covers, assign to each kids (photo as wallpaper, recharge/ updated in carts at night, teachers request apps > images on all updated


  • tech meeting - suggestions, laptops for middle, ipads elementary, textbook replacements, ?? ipads on contract