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10. A homepage of your own - Site planning 11. Projects - individual, collaboration 12. Peer Review

9. Data collection - Forms

8. Rows and columns - Tables

Web site design tools

7. To the point - Lists

WebLiteracy - Build

Find it


  • Copyright Basis for Graphic Designers - Except under certain circumstances (see “work made for hire” below), you own the copyright in your work at the moment you create it in a “fixed” form of “expression.”

6. Sound, light & magic - Multimedia

HTML5 Browser Support Test

  • HTML5 Test - How well does your browser support HTML5

Mobile device site preview

  • - Test your websites in smartphone & tablet emulators

5. Picture this... - Images

4. From here to there - Links

Web Literacy - Build

Web page development


3. A few words - Text

Web Literacy - Exploring

Writing for the web

2. Basic HTML

HTML tutorials


1. Getting Started

HTML, CSS Tutorials

IP address, URL