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NOTE: Check the Due Date for this Assignment in the Syllabus

  • This is a short module to wrap-up the semester
  • This date is also the last date to submit work for credit.

Peer Review

The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Peer review is a great learning tool. You have to think about what is important and why, before you can offer positive feedback in the form of constructive criticism.

Learning outcomes

  • critically examine own work based on pre-defined set of evaluation criteria (rubric)
  • provide constructive feedback to others


  • peer review, positive feedback, constructive criticism

Reading guide

  • What are some evaluation criteria that could be used to judge the effectiveness of the web page?
  • What are some characteristics of a web site that improve the accessibility and readability?


  1. Project self assessment - Using your rubric that you created in a previous module, rate your own project web design and development against your rubric. How did you do? Did you change the rubric? Did you change your final project web page? In the Self assessment discussion, post your rubric and a brief analysis of your rubric and your web site.
    Review the rubrics of 3 others. As a reply to your own post, re-examine your own rubric and comment.

  2. When your project is ready for Peer Review, post the link to your project page to the Peer reviews discussion with PROJECT and your name as the Subject line of the post.
    Check back periodically to see what the reviewers have to say about your project based on their rubric and evaluation criteria. It is always interesting and informative to get objective feedback.

  3. Peer Review - Review 3 web sites based on your rubric. In the Peer reviews discussion, as a reply to the Project entry, post your review based on your rubric. Provide feedback in question form. Ask questions about site design and development process.

  4. Complete the Project group feedback quiz (in Module 11) to review the process you and your group followed. What did you learn about working in a group? Is your individual project better because you were working with this group? How did you each do on the pillars of group work: teamwork, competence, dependability, work ethic and communication skills? Do you have any suggestions for improving the group work for this course?

  5. Web Literacies - Review the Mozilla Web Literacies framework. How are your doing? How would you rate your Web Literacies skills now that you have had the experiences - Read, Write, Participate, associated with this course?
    Review your comments in your introduction at the beginning of the course. Did this course meet or exceed your expectations? Have you changed your goals for using your web development expertise? What more would you like to know and why? What are you going to do next?
    Review the discussions in previous weeks. Were these activities, articles and videos helpful to learning about web development, HTML and CSS? Which discussion was the most interesting new information for you? In the Web Literacies - Read, Write, Participate discussion, post a brief summary of your initial expectations, your progress toward achieving Web Literacies. Include a reference to the discussion that was most interesting new information for you.
    Review 3 others.

  6. Take a few minutes to look back at the work you have done and topics covered in the course. What are 2-3 things that you learned from the course that will be important to you in the future? Submit as the Reflection assignment.

  7. Last chance - Check your grades. If there are assignments that you have not turned in, do it now. Some credit is better than no credit.

  8. Thanks and best wishes - It has been great working with everyone. Please take a few minutes to say goodbye to the class and share any final thoughts in the Thanks and Best Wishes discussion.

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