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How can a wiki be used to educate?

Wikis are powerful tools for teaching because they do not require any physical presence in order to educate.


  • long distance learning
  • teaching materials easily uploaded
  • both students and instructors can work on or off of the wiki
  • skills assessment: no more danger of cheating than in traditional assignments, i.e. term/research papers; take-home examinations.
  • vandalism can be minimized by restricting access to parts of the wiki or to certain functions. It can be virtually eliminated by ‘closing’ the wiki, that is, requiring registration and/or proof of identity for registration.
  • only need to verify users once; then user can sign in using a password to confirm identity.
  • images, scans and video can be uploaded to the wiki
  • students can work cooperatively or alone
  • work submitted by students can be evaluated easily