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Key Sections of a Funding Proposal1
1. Project Title/Cover Page

2. Project Overview

3. Background Information/Statement of the Problem

4. Project Detail

  1. Goals and Objectives
  2. Clientele
  3. Methods
  4. Staff/Administration/organization structure
  5. Available Resources
  6. Needed Resources
  7. Facilities
  8. Sequence of activities of the project
  9. Equipment/Supplies/Communication
  10. Budget

5. Evaluation Plan

6. Appendices

Project Title/Cover Page

  • This should be a short phrase describing the subject of the proposal, it should include the name of the organization, signatures of key people in the organization
  • It should also include the names of collaborating institutions if any
  • The title should be clear and unambiguous

Project Overview

  • This is the executive summary, be specific and concise. It should paint a picture of your proposal in the mind of a reader
  • Identify key objectives of the funding organization in relation to your proposal; the interest of collaborating institutions should also be highlighted. This section should include estimated budget, estimated duration, and objectives e.t.c
  • Project implementing agency

Background Information/Statement of the Problem

  • Cite previous projects and studies done or that are similar to what you are proposing.
  • Use this section to show that your proposed project is definitely needed and should be funded.
  • Include a well documented statement of the need/problem that is the basis for your project. What are the pressing problems that you want to address
  • Clearly indicate how the problem that will be addressed in your project will help the potential funding agency in fulfilling their own goals and objectives.

Project Detail

  • Ensure that there is an overlap between the goals and objectives for your proposal and that of the proposed funding agency. Present measurable objectives for your project.
  • Include specific information about the population or clientele on which your project is focused.
  • Clarify why it is important for the funding organization to be concerned about your clientele.
  • Describe the role of each person associated with your project and the importance of each. Try making your project a team effort
  • State how much resources are available and how much is requested, this can be done by preparation of a budget.
  • Briefly describe the sequence of activities constituting your project
  • Explain the various risks faced by the project and how they can be tackled
  • Illustrate the impact of your project on the environment/community.
  • Provide a projected cash flow statement (if applicable) to illustrate the sustainability of the project.

Evaluation Plan

Describe in your proposal exactly how you will decide whether or not your project has been successful, achieved its objectives e.t.c evaluation process can be formative/process evaluation ( ways to gain feedback while it is being conducted) and summative evaluation/product evaluation( ways to show that the project fulfilled that which was originally proposed)

Make direct reference to your objectives in your evaluation plan. This creates a string sense of integration/ consistency with your proposal.


Appendices should be devoted to those aspects of your project that are of secondary importance to the reader items to be included include; time schedule indicated major milestones, letters of support, cooperating agency description, evaluation instrument licenses, registration certificate e.t.c

N/B the suggestions above are not exhaustive but just act as a guide to writing project proposal

Challenges in writing and presenting a project proposal for funding.

Cohort Seven Evening

  • lack of appropriate skills
    • understanding business sense of the project
    • assembling the project team- assignment of roles and overall management skill
    • coordination with key stake holders
    • Project implementation- implementation schedule.
    • Post implementation audit and review
    • scoping of the project
  • lack of sufficient info about project
  • linking the ogrn objectives with the funding agencies objectives
  • Seed money.
  • Insufficient time
  • Team composition at the of writing
  • Lack of sufficient background information
  • Forecasting challenges
  • Corruption
  • Bias
  • Donor Conditions
  • Time

Cohort Seven week end


  • Time management
  • Resource constraints
  • Technical expertise
  • Adequate information
  • Conflict of interest
  • Costing challenges
  • Determine
  • Estimating time for the project
  • Lack of proper planning


  • Short time scale given for writing
  • Strict conditions
  • Risks
  • Failure to capture all the risks
  • Vested interest from financiers