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For students

  • Please refer to the HGHS rules for using
  • Note that everything you put on your portfolio can not be seen by anyone else except the school administrator. However, your profile page (the first page you see when you log on) is visible to every user. Therefore you should not post any private information or your school work on your profile page.
  • A “View” is like a folder you keep your work in. You should create one VIEW for each subject each year.
  • The “My Files” section is where you can upload any documents or files for storage. Also when you upload a file directly to a “View,” the file will automatically be saved to your “My Files” section as well.
  • The “My blogs” section is where you create and add to your blogs. You can have as many blogs as you like. A blog is like a diary – it is just for you to collect notes and thoughts. You can embed a blog into a “View,” and it will get updated in your “View” automatically when you update your blog.
  • Your teacher may invite you to a class Group. In this case it is important to distinguish between a “View” in your Group and a “View” in your own Portfolio. Within your Group you will find a tab called “Views.” Unless you are collecting data as a group that you are sharing together, you should not create personal “Views” here. You need to make sure that you only create a “View” in your own portfolio, which you can do by clicking the “My portfolio” tab at the top of the page.
  • When you create a “View” you may like to provide your teacher with access to your “View.” This is useful for submitting assignments for marking. When you create a “View” you will be asked to ‘edit the access.’ Here you will need to enter your teacher’s surname and click ‘search.’ Your teacher’s name will appear and you click ‘add.’ Now your teacher can post feedback on your work. You can do this with your friends too – perhaps you have completed a homework task that you want to share with your friend. Just add their name to give them access to your page. You can take someone’s access away again by clicking ‘edit access.’
  • There are many excellent tutorials on the first page before you log on to . It would be a very good idea to watch these before you begin.

This is what your portfolio page should look like:

  • One “View” for each subject
  • One “View” for each piece of assessment that needs to be sent by your teacher for external moderation for NCEA assessment.


  • Within each “View” you can set it up as you like. It is good practice to use attached documents rather than textboxes, as these can take up a lot of room. Only use a textbox if it is something important that you want to be able to see straight away.