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Dewey believed that education was all about the experience. Each student has theirown unique abilities, background and history that they bring to the classroom. Through interaction with their peers and the instructor there should be a continuity of learning that results in a continual growth of the individual. In order for each individual student to achieve this growth the curriculum must be individualized to meet the unique needs of each student. Through the use of Cloud Computing tools each student can individualize their learning to meet their needs and the instructor can guide them through the process. The platforms allow for both individual and social reflection which crosses boundaries and cultures. It allows students with all different backgrounds meet in a place where they are in the same “present situation.” Yet, in this same present situation each student has a different, unique learning experience. It is the interaction within this diverse group of students in the present situation that creates their present learning experience. In order to create interest which motivates the students to participate the experience must be meaningful and connect with all students. Dewey saw this process as a democratic, educational experience.

Cloud Computing provides several different technological platforms from which a student can choose. Each post in a blog or wiki builds upon the previous one allowing the student to build a foundation upon which to grow. The tools are designed to allow for a continuity of experiences that enable the student to have successful, positive learning experiences. As each learning experience impacts future learning experiences, it is critical that these tools are used in such a way students complete each task successfully. This motivates the student to continue on and dig deeper and deeper into the subject matter. In addition, the multiple learning tools allow the student to choose the one that has the most meaning to them and best suits their individual learning style. One of the paths to success is through the interaction with peers and the instructor. Cloud Computing allows the student to choose from several different channels of communication and work with the one in which they feel the most comfortable. They may choose from social networking such as Twitter and Facebook. Video and photo sharing such as Flickr, live chat, discussion boards, forums, blogs or wikis. The end result is an experience based upon the Democratic principles of Dewey. Each student will leave having gained the skills and tools necessary for becoming productive members of a Democratic society.