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Level_0 Name: Passive Components

Level_1 Name (Same as Desc_L1): Capacitors

Capacitor: A capacitor is a passive two terminal component which stores electric charge. This component consists of two conductors which are separated by a dielectric medium. The potential difference when applied across the conductors polarizes the dipole ions to store the charge in the dielectric medium.

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Level_2 Name (same as Desc_L2) PCC PCC Definition
Aluminium Electrolytic 017005000 A polarized capacitor which uses an aluminium electrolyte as a di-electric. Used for filtering in many applications like rectifiers, power supplies etc.
Arrays 017024000 Multiple capacitors packaged together – these are mainly available as MLCC (multilayer ceramic array) types
Ceramic Multilayer 017003000 The ceramic capacitor is a type of capacitor that is used in many applications from audio to RF. Values range from a few pico-farads to around 100 microfarads. Ceramic capacitors are by far the most commonly used type of capacitor being cheap and reliable and their loss factor is particularly low although this is dependent on the exact dielectric in use. In view of their constructional properties, these capacitors are available in both Through Hole (radial leaded) and Surface Mount versions
Film 017007000 These capacitors use a thin plastic film as a dielectric. Different types – Polyester, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene and Polystyrene are available.
Silvered Mica 017015000 This is a type of mica capacitor used mostly in high frequency applications. They are stable and used in cases where low losses (high Q) and low capacitance change is desired over a period of time. They are expensive and are not very popular. Also referred to as mica capacitors sometimes.
Niobium Oxide 017025000 Polarized capacitors which use niobium oxide as the di-electric. Also called as Oxi Caps.
RF Capacitors 017014000 Reference: for RF Applications(1).ppt. These are ceramic capacitors which are specifically meant for use in high frequency and RF applications
Super Capacitors/Ultra Capacitors / Double Layer 017013000 Also known as EDLC, they do not have a conventional de-electric. Electric double-layer capacitors are based on the operating principle of the electric double-layer that is formed at the interface between activated charcoal and an electrolyte. High capacitance value is achieved in a small size using this echnology (
Tantalum 017009000 These are polarized capacitors which use tantalum as the di-electric. They are available in solid and wet types for use in various applications. MLCCs are replacing tantalum capacitors in many applications
Variable / Trimmers 017016000 These are capacitors which have an option to vary the capacitance. They are used in the alignment of resonant circuits and the capacitance may be varied from several picofards to several tens of picofarads

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Date: 27-Jan-2013