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Marketing Theme: Fun without the Sun
My reason for existence: To provide pet owners within the city of Springfield a safe and fun place for their pets.
What sets my business apart from the rest: An indoor pet park and play-land
My ideal customer is: # Springfield professionals working in the 10 mile radius

What’s most important to my ideal customer when they are buying what I’m selling: # That their pets are safe
  1. Pets can have fun in any weather
  2. Exercise

What I want to accomplish this year: * Lease a building
  • Recruit customers

The top 3 things that are going to get me there: # Direct mail in nearby developments
  1. Drop-offs in office parks
  2. Open house events

How much will each program contribute to my revenue/profitability: # Mail – 60%
  1. Drop offs – 15%
  2. Open House – 25%

What will trigger my ideal customer to think of me: * Being stuck at work and pet needs to be let out

Programs I am running to reach my goal # Radio advertising

How much money will I need to get it done? # $50,000