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OERu North America Regional Meeting

The Open Education Resources universitas (OERu) is holding their first North America Regional meeting on September 17, 2015. This milestone meeting is hosted by BCcampus. The OERu aim is to make education accessible to everyone. It is coordinated by the OER Foundation[1] and is an independent, not-for-profit network that offers free online courses for students world-wide. This regional meeting will concentrate on exploring and developing open business models in open education from the perspective of OERu partner institutions.

North America OERu partners


BCcampus supports the work of the British Columbia post-secondary system in the areas of teaching, learning and educational technology. This involves the coordination of collaborative projects that span multiple institutions, introducing and supporting innovations about the ways in which people learn, and helping institutions evaluate and develop good practice in the use of technology for learning.

BCcampus is a founding anchor partner of the OERu international innovation partnership. BCcampus has an established track record in promoting open education for more than a decade and is coordinating the Government funded B.C. Open Textbook Project.

  1. The OER Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization.