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The United Nations and Reform

In this module you will:

  • Learn about some current debates about the UN structure, and
  • Learn about reform proposals for the UN.

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To prepare for tutorials you should:
  1. Complete the two readings
  2. Complete the activities
  3. Complete the extension activities if you have time.

Readings and Resources

Engel, Susan, 2017, Notes on UN Reform OpenUOW.

Brown, Mark M., 2007, Can the UN be reformed?, John W. Holmes Memorial Lecture, Academic Council on the UN System.

Extension Reading

Schlichtmann, Klaus, 2011, An Enduring Concept for Security Council Reform, Beijing Law Review, Vol 2 pp. 97-110, accessed on 26th February 2014

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Think about these questions, write some notes down and bring them to class or post a comment on twitter to #UOWMUN or to your facebook group.

  1. Research other models of UN reform, and write one paragraph on a model that has not been presented in your course material.
  2. Is the UN a viable institution that can be reformed, or should it be removed?
  3. Is world governance a viable option for solving the world's problems?

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Extension exercise

Shashi Tharoor, delivering the Terry Sanford Distinguished Lecture at the Sanford School at Duke University on 3rd January 2007. Tharoor was previously an Under-Secretary General at the United Nations.