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Setting up your personal learning environment

You will need to use twitter and join a facebook group for this subject. Twitter is a way of sharing key current events on the UN system and the global issue we are debating as well as following key leaders and thinkers from or on the country you will represent at the Model United Nations. We'll use Facebook groups for each tutorial group also to share information and to post country papers, develop resolutions and use as a way to communicate with other students, simulating backroom negotiation.

Please get you twitter account setup by the end of Week 2.

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Activity 1
Create a Twitter or WikiEducator account

This is vitally important to this subject which strongly integrates technology. Twitter is our preferred platform for a number of reasons. As the subject progresses you will be able to converse with the teaching team and your peers by using the hashtag #UOWMUN. The hashtag allows to you filter and find tweets on a similar topic. Modern diplomats and UN and other organisational officials use twitter actively to promote their activities and link to key documents.

  • Firstly, got to and set yourself up an account.
  • When choosing a Twitter handle (your name), try to chose something short and sharp, because you are only allowed to used 140 character when tweeting.
  • If you are worried about anonymity, use your student login, and delete it after the class.
  • Need help setting up your Twitter account? Here is the Twitter Help/Support homepage. Check out the Getting Started section
  • Note: Should you not wish to obtain a twitter account, you can use 'WEnotes' which is a similar tool inside WikiEducator, and this will allow you to see the tweets made for this class as it will aggregate the tweets made with the #UOWMUN hashtag. It also lets you contribute to the online debate. Link to info on getting a WikiEducator account, and using WENotes.

Below are three video tutorials aimed at using twitter for learning, Video one gets you started, the second shows you how to find and follow experts. The last video looks and combining Blogging and Tweeting for learning.

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Activity 2
Review the tweets of well known diplomats

Take a look at these twitter accounts and pick at least 2 people to follow:

  • @foreignoffice (British Foreign Ministry)
  • @JulieBishopMP (Australian Foreign Minister)
  • @EUHvR (The President of the European Commission)
  • Use the search function in twitter to find accounts for UN committees and campaigns as well as academics and NGOs, and follow the ones that interest you
  • Get into the habit of visiting your twitter "feed" every day and follow links through to interesting material
  • Write up notes on anything of interest as a post in your blog.

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Extension Activity 1
Exension Activity: Consider creating a blog, or refresh an existing blog is you already have one

If you need help getting started here are some resources to help.