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Assignment 4: The Virtual Museum

In collaboration with your partner, build a PowerPoint presentation of a Virtual Museum.

A note on collaborative learning: In this assignment it is required that you work with a partner. You will find your partner on the Week 8 Discussion Forum titled “VM Teams”. Partners can exchange email addresses or phone numbers for additional contact information. A couple of days after the assignment is given I will confirm that each of you has contacted your partner and that the two of you are under way. There is no excuse for not working with a partner. Please contact me immediately if your team has an emergency and needs to discuss other arrangements. Here is how you should go about creating your Virtual Museum:

On each slide present an image of the work you and your partner have chosen, and include the statement’s below (you may put your statement on a separate slide). You should have 12 images total (number of images needed appears after each category).  See list of range of work to be included below. Be sure to read all of the instructions and contact me if you have any questions. An extra 10 points will be given if you use a subject, theme or medium for all your work (like armor, shoes, portraits, etc.)

For each image include the following, in this order:




Culture/Style/Nationality/Religion (all or some, depends on the work)

Site you found the image/information from

Brief curatorial statement:  Explain to the viewer any symbolism or interpretative materials they might need to understand the work, information about the culture or artist, time period and style.  Include any information you thought would be important to understanding the work, this may mean doing some research about the style or artist. Make a brief statement as to why you chose this work, what interests you about it, any personal commentary.

1. Ancient Art before 100 B.C.E. (one image)

2. Western Art History between 500-1900 C.E. from Europe or America (two images).

3. Asian Art History between 1000 B.C.E. and 1900 C. E. from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, East India or other countries in this area (two images).

4. Historic Tribal art prehistory to 1950. This can include Native American, Tribal African, or other indigenous cultures (one image).

5. Contemporary Asian art after 1950: could be from a country or an American or European artist of Asian descent (one image)

6. Contemporary Native or Tribal Art after 1950. This includes Native American, Tribal African or other indigenous peoples (one image).

7. Contemporary Western European or American Art: from 1950-2008 (one image).

8. Your choice of any 3 works of art or architecture that you find interesting, beautiful, or for any other reason, of any time or culture (three images).

NOTE: Only use examples that are created by members of the cultures/time periods described above for each category.

Post your assignment to Week 10 Discussion Forum, question 16.