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Contact-new.svg Glenn Hefley
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Skype address:glennhefley

Fiction Writer, Novelist, Copy and Marketing. My formal education is in Marketing, but what I do now is mainly fiction writing. I also write academic papers are areas of research that I'm involved in when I have something worth adding.

Two years ago I was introduced to the idea of OpenEdu from getting involved with the CommonCore advocates. My blog has several posts from last year and helping with the Kids in Colorado.The idea of contributing in whatever way I'm able to the growing sources of Free material and the value of OpenEdu has since been a goal of mine. My contributions will hardly be earthshaking, but I'm not looking to be earthshaking either. In this area I see myself more of the day-to-day material provider. High School and Middle School students are likely my target areas. Creating prose, understanding the basics of writing effective articles, proposals, stories, and non-fiction articles are my main subject targets. I welcome critique, and suggestions. I have a thick skin, and my only objective is to help provide material that is effective, and of high quality.