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I think the open authoring approach has the potential to provide greater quality, as users collaborate and produce resources that are better than just one person can come up with. Maybe this is being idealistic?

Educators are often perfectionists and thus are reluctant to share unless they have had time to perfect resources. However the reality is that we don’t have time to perfect resources. The collaborative approach means there is a chance someone has already done quite a bit of work on something and you can spend time on making it fit your situation or adding improvements as you see fit.

We need to make sure that there is a supportive culture within OERNZ so that educators feel comfortable both with sharing their resources but also having others edit them without it being seen as a criticism.

I would prefer open authoring approaches on the wiki but realise this will take a substantial mind shift for some. I particularly want to see the students become involved with the resource development (as per Albany Senior High School).