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‘2012-Peace-Call Campaign’s

Concept Introduction

In the wake of awaken’ Mother Ghana- to stir the nucleus drive to improve on our cherished hospitality, our collective human-sharing of unity which make as a nation-a people, the 1Ghana-Peace- Call Initiative also, 1GhanaPC: is a proactive interactive stakeholders initiative which obliges Ghanaians; that is the sons and daughters Mother Ghana- together with other global and regional supportive institutions and organizations, to constructively cooperate to uphold and preserve our heritage which distinguishes Ghana as a nation of peace-lovers, peace- builders and, the gate way to the ever evolving phases of profitable democracy in sub-sahara Africa.

The project concept developers and organizers, passionate about the desire to enshrine the necessity to respect the peace currently prevailing in Ghana and, in a resolve to support collective efforts to achieve global peace through the United Nations “Hague Agenda for Peace & Justice for 21st Century (UN Doc Ref A/54/98) and, Responsibility 2 Protect (R2P )framework” hopes, this initiative will assist to achieve these goals and, promote the practice of ‘collective civil responsibility towards peace’ among individuals and communities across Ghana.


  • To project, ensure and preserve civil-collective responsibility as a channel to maintain society-peace, and charge-respect for electoral processes and practices in Ghana-pragmatic to support efficient and effective conflict resolution efforts against pre/post electoral related disputes and conflict.
  • To serve as a progressive platform to promote human and peoples’ rights in Ghana.
  • Provide- alternative proactive and interactive advocacy, sensitization and, empowerment communication platforms to facilitate United Nations concept on Peace Building policies and initiatives among citizens and communities of Ghana.

The 2012 Peace Call Event

…all nations seem to recorgnise an obligation to stop future genocides and mass atrosities, even if it means violating the near-sacred sovereignty of another country…, Mass violence is a political tool used by ‘power players’ for their owns strategic objectives. It is not an unpreventable and unmanageable explosion of existing tensions”- The Stanley Foundation-USA

The Stanley Foundation-USA in collaboration with Fapimpa-Sini (Ghana) and, with support from other reliable initiative partners and supporters is pioneering the 2012-Peace-Call campaign and its related activities; tailor-aligned to spread the wings of peace during Ghana’s forthcoming 2012 general/parliamentary elections.

Concept Components[[Image:]]

“any nation- which her past serves her few; which fails to secure her future in her present; such- is lost already”-by-1Ghana-Peace-Call Initiative.

The 1Ghana-Peace -Call Initiative; the ‘2012 Campaign’- is interlaced and scheduled to include morning and evening activity-sessions to involve people within a given event community.

Morning Session-:- ‘All-Peace-Play’ unification games- hopes to bring together the young, youth groups and the old generation to an energizing atmosphere using traditional lesser known sports-games to promote the intrinsic values of the ‘Power of One’- among a people.

Evening Session-:- ‘Event-NOW SHOWING’ a 55mins documentary experience features -‘NEVER! TAKE PEACE FOR GRANTED’ (25mins) and ‘NOW SHOWING’ BEFORE THE KILLING BEGINS: THE POLITICS OF MASS VIOLENCE (30mins).

This will be followed with an interactive forum with all participants; led by resource panel and a moderator to deliberate on peace building options; and the prudent objectives of the 1Ghana-Peace Call Initiative especially, during episodes in 2012-forth an election year.

The initiative seeks to encourage discussions on how current and, future efforts can protect and uphold, the meaningful values establishing the lives and livelihoods of Ghanaians- through valid stakeholders.


Target group

The initiative is a ‘collective-civil-responsibility- call’ to all Ghanaians; regardless of age, gender, creed, or ethnic offspring, to take responsibility for the peace and tranquility current prevailing in our homeland Ghana-Peace is Not Cheap!

The event seeks to be a catalyst-platform to, initiate meaningful awareness, advocacy, and action necessary to prompt, and safeguard peace-related initiatives within several communities across diverse backgrounds in Ghana.

  • Budget Summary = GH¢ 1050.00

Cost GH¢
Documentary-feature production 150
Communication 350
Promotions/publicity 250
Prize/Sourvinirs 100
Transportation 100
refreshement 100

Let All-Remember!... “peace is not assured, peace is attained. As there is peace, in the same maginitude there is chaos!... in order to safeguard the pride-dream as a nation with one course; let us as a people, assure ourselves- Peace” 1GhanaPC- 2012 Campaign

Please support the collective-Call. Kindly contact the project team to volunteer or to support-assist the 2012-initiative.

This information is made available by:

1Ghana-Peace-Call Initiative

Project Team

2012 Peace-Call Campaign



To support the initiative please contact:

William Heymann Longdon-Adomadzi

Project Coordinator

1Ghana-Peace-Call Initiative

2012-Peace-Call Campaign

Phone: (+233) 244 98 2126