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Culminating project – collaborating encouraged or peer review


Research and report / discussion board / lesson w/ culminating project (can be shared) / YouTube of the launch with a group startup


For this course it is a project that would take place over the unit or several units that are thematically related (such as the related units on disease – the Humanitarian study would be part of that larger work. For the purposes of this module, the study would involve significant and serious web research, data gathering (weather data, epidemiological data) or joining with a serious project through the web

Working options

The option of working with another member of the class; peer reviews to be assigned. The work can be related to your unit study if not directly part of it (so that you don’t have to start from scratch).


  • Find something from the web that is real – weather, medical studies review; higher level – related to the topic or ask for an exception
  • Ask how would students be involved ; if over time, then explain the number of days that would be involved – a template for multiple days
  • Find “live” resources – webcams; online projects you can join; online projects you can create; The web should be used as a way to meet collaboratively on a science project (one that is in progress or one that you hypothetically create) or that provides real science data or information – it is NOT to be simply a matter of find short science explanations, images, or materials (those can be very useful; save in but they are not the focus here)

An overview rubric for assessing the complex project

In later classes you will develop this further – where you work on the reporting out process itself; you can look at these examples that go to that extra step – they can offer you ideas and direction for today too – and you can add comments too

Components & examples

technologies that can be used -

Literacies – update with the Common Core -

  • more brainstorming from second semester classes at this archived part of the website; you might want to see these for ideas – they have NOT all be evaluated here but you can still learn from what you are reading;
  • You will make a website – alone or with your colleague to announce your project and to learn how to make website; you will place and attach your materials there; you will invite the class; you can keep it simple or use a template and erase what you do not need ; you will make a link to the website and share it with other and with the instructor
  • You can use for assembling materials for your future course

Links to examples of some of the many good science projects –

stevens – many


About how Washington state is taking the culminating projects from the high school graduation and bringing it in earlier -

students research and report on real careers in the field of science from


A rubric to evaluate it (with actual content specific questions & expectations from the NYS Common Core) ; find a reading on rubrics

A data driven component from the analysis in mod 2 ; what questions – what components are ensuring that the students are getting the competencies – not just a missing piece of content – what learning gaps are there from the review of the prior work