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We use a Google group to facilitate discussion around WikiEducator. Please feel free to join.

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Portage College
Portage College has joined the OERu collaboration. "We're thrilled to join this partnership and share our knowledge of OER development," said Dr. Trent Keough, President and CEO of Portage College. "Portage College is committed to grow the potential of OERs in Alberta, in fact, Portage was the first post-secondary institution in Alberta to build OERs directly into our program development planning." More ...

WikiEducator believes learning materials should be free for all students of the world. WE invest in educators to share knowledge freely. WE are proud to announce the launch of our gifting campaign and membership recruitment drive. We need your suppOERt! donate now or join as a founding member and give the gift of knowledge to ensure access to free and open education for all.

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The most recent free Learning4Content online training workshop EL4C55 - WikiEducator Learning4Content Workshop "Learning Wiki Skills" was held from January 22 - 31, 2014. Keep visiting this space for news on our forthcoming workshops. Thank you!
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