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Dear Colleagues,

WikiEducator, a group that promotes open (free) resources in education, is offering free instruction in how to use a wiki. The wiki platform used is similar to that of Blackboard and the instruction takes a hour each day over 10 days. A notice about the previous WikiEducator course was in the (Saigon) resource room and I enrolled in the course, which proved useful with regards wiki use, but also enlightening about what educators are doing to make resources available. So I encourage you to go here to learn about WikiEducator and here to register:


My interest in the wider elements of elearning and becoming an example to students was spurred by this blog posting , and so I have just recently developed my own blog   - here . I know some students are well ahead: see  by a student who came through the English programme and who has an interest in education.


The Wikieducator course begins today but is still accepting registrations. The course is for those who don’t know much but also for those who want some recognition of their skill level – a form of certification is given based on level of achievement.

Brendan Smith