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               Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. - Aldous Huxley

Welcome to our dynamic community of 78,695 WikiEducators! I currently have made approximately 7,180 edits so far.

My name is Benjamin Stewart and I´m an EFL teacher educator and researcher at the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes in Mexico. My research interests include personal learning networks and teacher professional learning among EFL/ESL educators. I hold a master’s degree in education, curriculum and instruction: technology from Grand Canyon University and am pursuing a doctoral degree in educational leadership. I am the founder of Teachers for Interactive Language Learning (TILL), moderator for the Google+ TILL Community, and guest blogger for Edukwest.


I am the proud recipient of the UPE award for August of 2009 and for April of 2013.

EL4C51 - WikiEducator Learning4Content Workshop: "Becoming an Agent of Change through Openness"

I was proud to co-facilitating EL4C51! Why not visit my group's user pages and say hello! to each member!

L4C-small 1.png
A WE Workshop for EFL educators in Aguascalientes, Mexico (August of 2010):

Wikieducator workshop for EFL educators in Aguascalientes, MexicoWikieducator workshop for EFL educators in MexicoWikieducator workshop for EFL educators in MexicoWikieducator  workshop for EFL educators in Mexico



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WE Workshops (eL4C)


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ELT Rants, Reviews, & Reflections
600 Seconds That Will Eviscerate Ten Minute Takeaways
Allow me to confess:  I am not so sure all sessions at ELT conferences need to have a practical takeaway for the audience. I realize this might qualify as #ELTheresy but that is what is on my mind...
— mikecorea 2016-04-23 13:18:31
Thoughts on “Beyond loop input”at #IATEFL
I had the great pleasure of meeting Gabriel Diaz Maggioli at The KOTESOL International Conference in 2013 and I thoroughly enjoyed his session on “Teacher education at the crossroads: Th...
— mikecorea 2016-04-17 12:05:46
A running diary of Scott Thornbury’s #IATEFL2016 Plenary
This is my first post as an official IATEFL 2016 registered blogger. I have followed Scott Thornbury’s tweets with the hashtag #1966andallthat for a while now and only very recently rea...
— mikecorea 2016-04-16 09:17:14
Do bad students make better teachers?
There are not whole a lot of early 90s Steve Martin movies I’ve only seen once that I think about at least twice a month. Actually, there is only one and it is Leap of Faith. In case yo...
— mikecorea 2016-04-12 08:24:12
How a little democracy brightened the atmosphere in a challenging class [Guest post]
Mike says: After my recent post on asking students to make decisions about the class Stewart Gray (whose biography is at the end of this post) got in touch with me on Twitter and said he tried the...
— mikecorea 2016-04-07 07:55:57

The Everyday Language Learner
Maintaining the Language from Afar
Television and language learning, language learning, immersion, language learning activity
— aarongmyers 2015-01-09 19:46:29
Dive Into The Deep End
I recently received an email from a friend who was describing his feelings for his language learning journey in terms of a language swimming pool. When you take that initial step into the pool you...
— aarongmyers 2014-09-23 17:40:56
Foreign to Familiar – Learning About Culture So You Can Learn The Language
I just finished a great book that anyone planning on moving cross culturally should pick up and read. The book, Foreign to Familiar, is short (127 pages), incredibly helpful, and fun to read. The b...
— aarongmyers 2014-06-19 14:00:03
How Much Vocabulary Is Enough?
Today’s guest post comes from Jeffery Nelson, the creator of a great new blog called Living Bilingual.  After you enjoy the article stop by and visit. ———-...
— aarongmyers 2013-08-13 03:27:27
The Number One Rule For Learning A Foreign Language
Today I am excited to share another great guest post from a regular EDLL reader, Arabic expert and language lover Saqib Hussain.  You can find out more about Saqib and about Arabic at  Arabic St...
— aarongmyers 2013-07-25 20:06:08

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Lynda – MOOC Platform in Disguise?
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Online Learning In India – A Note
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EdTech Market Brief India Q1 2016
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Professionalization of Sports and the Rising Stakes of Education
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Software Freedom Day

On September 17, 2009, Software Freedom Day, the Open Education Resources Foundation will have an official launch. As part of this launch it will sign the Cape Town Open Education Declaration. It would also like to get as many Wikieducator members as possible to sign up on the same day.

You can read the Cape Town Open Education Declaration here. A fact sheet is available here.


OER Contributions

My OER Contributions: Classes, workshops, etc.

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