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Theme 4 of this course discusses explicitly the audiences for sport informatics and analytics' processes and outputs and the messages shared with them. This theme:

In addition to this introduction, this theme contains these topics:

Video signpost

In this video, Carrie Graf, former coach of the University of Canberra Capitals, and a University of Canberra Coach in Residence in 2015, discusses how she shares information with the teams she coaches.


ePortfolio questions

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Questions about this theme

As you work your way through this theme and compile your ePortfolio, you might like to consider these six questions.

Q19. Is ‘augmented information’ a helpful description of the ways you share information?

Q20. Does ‘feedforward’ have any place in your work?

Q21. Do you have any experience of using infographics?

Q22. Are there any visualisation approaches that you recommend?

Q23. Is the concept of a personal learning environment helpful in your practice?

Q24. Can you visualise your personal learning environment?