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Virtual Fieldtrip, WikiEducator, August 10, 2009

Focusing on "Community Purpose"

Which WikiEducator Community?

(1) WikiEducator - general

(2) WikiEducator - Community Media - specific

(3) LearnShare HIV AIDS

(4) Learning4Content


Archbishop Desmond Tutu: A Call for Freedom

About Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips are organized by CPSquare and SCoPE.

SCoPE Contacts

Sylvia Currie
BCcampus Online Communities
+1 250 318 2907 | GMT-8
skype: webbedfeat
twitter: currie

John Smith

Invitation to Present

Hi Randy,

Awhile back during a Skype chat I asked if you would be interested in facilitating a virtual field trip to Wikieducator. This idea came about from the Online Community Enthusiasts gathering in Vancouver.

Since then John Smith (leader of and I have been talking about the possible schedule and structure of these field trips. We plan to schedule 4 per year, and would be very interested in having you go FIRST. :-) You may already know that Nellie Deutsch and Gladys Gahona will be facilitating a SCoPE seminar: Collaborative Projects on Wikieducator beginning August 10th. Would you be available and willing to do a virtual field trip August 10th? It seems like a perfect way to launch the seminar. This event would be promoted jointly by SCoPE and CPSquare,

As a way to structure the field trips John and I thought the 'CP4' model would be simple and effective. Briefly, the model was developed by the US Military and uses 4 overlapping elements to describe a community's purpose: Content, Connections, Conversation and Context. I'll be adding a section to the CPSquare Wiki to describe the model in more detail, and to organize field trip information:

We'll use Elluminate for the web tour and discussion. We would schedule 1 hour but should allow plenty of time for questions. So essentially your role would be to show Wikieducator, and describe the community using the 4 elements, perhaps noting any tensions in the way these areas are interconnected. This will be a great way to get feedback from individuals who have experience in online community leadership roles.

What do you think? Are you interested? I hope so! :-)

Cheers, Sylvia


Where Elluminate:

Tips for Randy

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Sylvia logs in at 14:15 to:

Sylvia will also send several notices out via twitter leading up to the session.


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Sylvia will

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