PCF5:FLOSS4Edu Widening Access to Education: Africa pioneers an International Initiative for Capacity Development in Open Educational Resources

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FLOSS4Edu Widening Access to Education: Africa pioneers an International Initiative for Capacity Development in Open Educational Resources, by Nicolas KIMOLO, Jibril TOUZI and Kafui A. Prebbie


The FLOSS4Edu (www.wikieducator.org/FLOSS4Edu) is an African Initiative with the vision of bringing Educational Practioners together to participate in the development of Open Educational Resources (OERs) through collaboration, joint content and curriculum development. This is achieved through the use of Open Content Development platforms which support the building of a network of educational Practioners who can share, modify and re‐use educational content developed collectively by the community.

In support of various international agenda development issues, the sharing of educational materials developed in an open format will support the quick development of high quality learning, materials that support livelihood education and life‐long learning. This will also address the issue of localised content and ensure that Africa addresses the digital divide.

This network has grown to various regional chapters in Africa including the West Africa, East Africa and the Southern African regional chapters, co‐ordinating FLOSS4Edu activities regionally. Recently, a FLOSS4Edu Francophone Chapter was established to address the needs of the Francophonie countries in Africa and to ensure collaboration and sharing of resources with Anglophone countries. Co‐ordination is achieved through online collaboration. Materials so developed are available for anyone with internet access.

This proposal will seek to deploy the FLOSS4Edu Network to improve access to Education by providing low‐cost re‐usable educational materials, developed collectively and addressing localised African needs. It seeks to build capacity for Educational Practioners to start digital content development and use the new front of Web 2.0 Technologies to address their teaching needs. This focus is not only for classroom materials but for livelihood and life‐long learning where materials are produced and quickly localised for vocational training and in support of learning for development.

Further information on FLOSS4Edu is available on its wiki site.

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