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Using WikiEducator for PCF5: your first steps

PCF5 and WikiEducator have teamed up to offer an exciting service for delegates to the Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF5). WikiEducator is a resource developed by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), putting wiki technology at the service of those who are involved in educational research and practice. With 'openness' being a key theme of PCF5, WikiEducator will provide an optional avenue through which delegates can post their abstracts, develop their papers and engage in a dialogue with a wider community.

It's easy to get involved and present ideas for your paper or workshop session:

Register for WikiEducator

Explore WikiEducator's special PCF5 pages

added by other contributors. They have been ordered according to the Forum's four themes or included in a section on cross-cutting themes.

Upload your paper

Step 1: Create a page for your paper

Step 2: Follow the instructions on screen

can copy and paste your abstract, project outline and/or paper. The fields are preformatted – just enter your text in the appropriate field (e.g. the text of your abstract below the heading that says "abstract").

to worry about the other sections (e.g. "your first heading") to which you might want to add material at a later stage.

Step 3: Press the "show preview" button


Step 4: Press the "save page" button

Step 5: Bookmark your page

Step 6: Check that your paper is listed

Step 7: Edit and comment on papers (your own texts and others)

mistakenly editing your paper.

Step 8: Discuss with your fellow PCF5 participants

Sign up for wiki training

If you have any questions with regard to posting your abstract or other PCF5 contributions in WikiEducator or if you have encountered any difficulties uploading and editing your abstracts/papers, please contact the PCF5 team.

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