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OERu 2012 / 2013 Prototype Design and Development Project
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Key points

  • The wiki design and development model does not require a detailed and lengthy design blueprint because the process is iterative and the design becomes transparent as the development progresses.
  • The purpose of the design blueprint is to provide a high level overview for potential collaborators, the detail emerges in the relevant subpages of the project plan and draft materials.


Metadata summary

Intended target audience

This programme is ideal for those who have an interest in sustainable practices and are looking to strengthen their knowledge and skills in this growing area. This could be for a future career pathway or as part of their professional development. The programme is also perfectly suited to those who want to implement sustainable practice within their business or organisation.

Delivery model

Core learning materials will be designed for independent self study and hosted openly on WikiEducator. The course resources will be integrated into sequenced learning activities within an open learning management system. Course materials will include:

Assessment model

Assessment is based on an e-portfolio comprising two elements:

Assessment weightings

Authentication interview


Interaction strategies

The course will be offered in parallel mode where full-tuition students registered at Otago Polytechnic will receive tutorial support services. OERu learners will register for free and utilise the interaction strategies below. On payment of the prescribed assessment fee, OERu learners who wish to receive formal credit can acquire assessment services.

Student-content interactions

Course materials will include:

Student-student interactions

Student-support interactions

Learning outcomes / Graduate profile

Need to get a copy of the course learning outcomes.

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