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Image courtesy of vbsouthern

Besides Open Office, GIMP is one of the most well known open source programs currently available. Paint.Net is very easy to use, but is only available for Windows. Tux Paint is a great program for younger students.

Program Name Uses of Program Compatible formats Operating Systems
Cinepaint[1] Image editing. Documentation.[2] Common image formats GNU/Linux, Windows® (in development)
GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program)[3] Image editing, similar to Photoshop. Tutorials[4] JPEG, PNG, GIF, XCF Windows®, Mac OS X® (somewhat difficult to install), GNU/Linux
Inkscape[5] Drawing tool, similar to Illustrator. Basic tutorial[6] SVG, PNG Windows®, Mac OS X®, GNU/Linux
Krita[7] Image editor specifically designed for GNU/Linux's K Desktop Environment. Handbook[8]. TIFF, PNG, JPEG, XCF, RAW GNU/Linux
Paint.NET[9] Image editing, similar to Photoshop. Tutorials[10]. JPEG, GIF, PNG Windows®
Tux Paint[11] Image editing, especially designed for children. Screencasts[12] Common image formats (?) Windows®, Mac OS X®, GNU/Linux

Online image editors

As with online office suites, you do not have complete control over online image editors. Depending on student privacy policies at your institution, you may be not be able to use these photo editors.

Program Name Uses of Program Compatible formats Compatible web browsers
Picnik[13] Basic photo editing that is compatibility with Flickr, Facebook, Myspace and Picasa Common image formats Internet Explorer, Firefox, possibly others
Photoshop Express[14] Basic photo editing based on the popular Photoshop program, though not nearly as powerful. Ability to publicly display photos Common Image formats All browsers compatible with Flash 9 plug-in (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)


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