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New Concept English

Why NCE?

NCE in China

NCE was first published in 1967. This series of textbooks have had a great influence on generations of Chinese learners and is still popular among varieties of learners and teachers.NCE New Version was first published by The Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in China in 1997.

What is the concept?

In what way is it or was it new? Is it a new concept today?

NCE Philosophy

General purpose

Guide the adult or secondary students from rural areas in China to achieve better speaking and writing skills.

Intended target audience

Potential learners: adult or secondary students in China who have completed any other elementary course.


In this project, we will :
  • Guide learners through to be able to use connections, regular&irregular verbs;
  • help reproduce orally passages of English;
  • develop skills in using progressive sentence patterns;

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