Lesson 3:Computer Components

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Just like the Human body, the computer is made up of different components, all of which are very important for the overall effective functioning of its system. The word computer refers to a system composed of many components. A computer system has both hardware and software components. This lesson discusses these components and helps the learner to understand the role and contribution of each component to the effective working of the system.


At the end of the lesson,the student should be able to understand:
  • The key components of a computer
  • Types of component (input or output)
  • The role and working of each component
  • How to use each component

Lesson Content

A computer is made up of the following components: the hardware and the soft ware.


One type of mouse has a round ball under the bottom of the mouse that rolls and turns two wheels which control the direction of the pointer on the screen. Another type of mouse uses an optical system to track the movement of the mouse.

Most desktop computers use a monitor with a cathode tube and most notebooks use a liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor. To get the full benefit of today's software with full colour graphics and animation, computers need a color monitor with a display or graphics card.


A computer is made up of the following components:
  • Central Processor Unit (CPU)
  • Main memory RAM -- Random Access Memory
  • disc drive
  • hard discs
  • keyboard
  • Visual Display Unit (VDU) and
  • printer


Give the full meaning of the following acronyms: CPU, RAM, VDU; and state their functions


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