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Lesson 7 Jamila Akhter and Her Job A Look at the picture and read about Jamila. Ms Jamila Akhter is a shop assistant. She works in shifts in a department store in Chittagong. So, she doesn't have to go at the same time every day. On some days she works in the first shift from 9 am to 3 pm. On other days, she works in the second shift from 3 pm to 9 pm. 21 Jamila always goes to work by bus in the morning. The bus stops just outside the store. In the afternoon, she generally goes there by rickshaw or baby-taxi. She doesn’t like to wait at the bus stop in the mid-day heat. The bus is usually over-crowded at that time. She always comes back home by bus. She works standing all the time and serves the customers. She often gets tired after work. But she doesn’t mind. She meets new people every day. She finds her job interesting. A1 True or false? If false, give the correct answer. a) Jamila lives in Dhaka. b) She works both in the morning and in the evening. c) She always returns home from work by bus. d) She doesn’t like her job. e) She finds her job uninteresting. 22 A2 Answer the following questions in short. Work with a partner. The first one is done for you. 1Q: Where does Jamila work? A: In a department store. 2. What time does she go to work in the first shift? 3. When does she stop her work in the first shift? 4. What time does the second shift start? 5. When does the second shift finish? 6. When does Jamila go to work by bus? 7. What kind of work does she do in the store? 8. Why does she like her job? A3 Match question words in A with the words in B. The first one is done for you. A B What yesterday. Who because I want to. Where by bus. When Shahana Begum. Why a book. How at school. 23 A4 Make wh-questions for the following answers. Ask about the underlined words. For example- 1) What do you do? I’m a teacher. 2) Where do you study? I study at a Govt. primary school. 1. Q: ------------------------------? A: Jamila works in a department store. 2. Q: ------------------------------? A: Jamila’s family lives in Chittagong. 3. Q: ------------------------------? A: Jamila is a shop assistant. 4. Q: ------------------------------? A: She serves the customers in the store. 5. Q: ----------------------------- ? A: Her job is interesting because she meets new people every day. 24 B Write a short paragraph about yourself. Include the following points in your paragraph.

your name
where you live
name of school
the class you are in
when the school starts and finishes
the subjects you are studying
how you go to school and return home
why you like your school

New words and phrases shop assistant, department store, over-crowded, mid-day heat, customers, finish, return