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Introductions and Welcome to L block

  • Tour of L block and Permagrow Permaculture Garden include toilets, common room and assembly area in case of emergency and point out emergency flip charts.

Health and Safety is Everbody's Business

  • Wear appropriate footwear to protect your feet
  • Focus on the job at hand
  • Otago Polytechnic has a hazard register for every department and it is important for staff and students to be aware of the potential hazards associated with the teaching and learning in your area.If you identify a hazard please let a staff member know as soon as is possible.

Learning Outcomes for the Horticulture Workshops

These workshops are to assist the OT students to develop skills and knowledge which can be applied to their public workshops through basic plant propagation and gardening techniques.

Identify what sustainability is and how can it be applied to their public workshops as well as their home and work environment.

Brain storm the concept of how they can help their clients/patients deal with reduced abilities and or enhance their recovery through the physical and creative benefits of horticulture.

Practical Sessions may include all or some of the following activities

Seed cleaning

Seed sowing

Pricking out


Potting on

Container planting –every student to take home veges/herbs in container

Soil conditioning, media selection and care for container plants.

Worm Farming

Composting systems

Seed balls

Introduction to permaculture design and what is “The Living Campus”

Hand outs

Kim and Jessie to gather information/pamphlets/internet sites so students can take home information that is relevant to their workshop and sustainable practise for flatting/living.





Information/resource list