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Repositories of OER Stats Texts/Resources

 OER Minnesota Statistics Books

Course Materials:

 Probability and Statistics by Paul Chege
 Introductory Statistics from Saylor Academy

Course Outline:

Topic1 Descriptive Stats, Location and Variation(ASW3, CHE1, SAY1-2)
    Chebychev Thrm
    Empirical Rule
  Topic2 Prob. - Bayes Thrm (ASW4, SAY3, CHE1&3)
    Sample Spaces
    Compliment, Intersect, Union
    Conditional Probability
    Independent Events
  Topic3 Random Variables & Several Dists. (ASW5, SAY4, CHE2)
    Discrete Random Vars
    Probability Dist. (Binomial)
  Topic4 Continuous Dist Normal/Standard/Exponential (ASW6, SAY5, CHE2)
    Continuous Random Vars
    Compute Probability
  Topic5 Sampling & Samp. Dist (ASW7, SAY6)
    Mean/std dev of Sample Dist and Proportions
  Topic6 Estimation (SAY7&9)
    Large/Small Estimate of Pop Means
    2 pop stuff
  Topic7 Hypothesis Testing (ASW10, SAY8)
  Topic8 Regressions (ASW12, SAY10, Unknown for Non-linear)
    Adv: a.  Stat Software(Octave/Python/Java)
         b.  Spreadsheet Regressions
  Topic9 Chi-squared testing (SAY11)